6 Things I DON’T hate about my job

The more time I spend online, I see really two groups of people. The “Pollyanna’s” and the “Scrooge’s”. The Pollyanna’s are the optimists of the online realm, that wear the rose colored glasses and you picture going throughout the day like a Disney princess. You picture them singing while they work, seemingly floating on air when they walk and surrounded by flowers, sunbeams and wild life (I’m picturing the opening scene of Enchanted here!). They post inspirational quotes that tell you if you think hard enough about something it will come true. They find the bright spot (annoyingly sometimes) in every situation. They never seem to have a bad day or say a bad thing about anyone.

The Scrooge’s are the ones that seem to post everyday about something bad happening in their life. Their coffee order wasn’t right, their boss yelled at them unfairly, an unexpected bill just came in the mail, their favorite show got cancelled. Yes, those are annoyances to everyone but the Scrooge’s take it to a whole ‘nother level by making a small inconvenience seem like a life shattering event. And these horrible, terrible, no good things happen to them all the time. And the Scrooge’s have to share their misery with everyone to make sure their pain and injustice is shared. (and yes, both of those pictures are supposed to be crazy and funny- I had to add humor in here somewhere!)

Now, I know not everyone fits into these two groups. And the majority of us dabble in both groups- that’s normal life. But there are some people that take these to an extreme online every. single. day. Honestly, I’ve dropped them on social media. I spend a good amount of time every day online- for personal use, work and my business. Seeing someone that I know has everything they want and still publicizing on Facebook about how miserable their life is, is frustrating. Likewise, when I’m having a crappy day I don’t want to necessarily see “oh my life is so fantastic that I poop rainbows and macaroons”. Most days I can appreciate the motivational stuff, but there’s a sweet spot that some people go too far past.

I try to be a Pollyanna, my best friend can attest to that but I’ve caught myself lately heading quickly into the Scrooge realm. I realized that I complain a lot about things. I started noticing other people complain a lot about things in their life too. That bugged me because I have a pretty good life- I’m content for the most part. I’m not where I want to be professionally or personally but I’m working towards my goals and I know I will get there someday. But honestly until then, I have a good thing going. All this complaining got me started thinking about mindset and how a positive mindset affects your life. I do believe that whatever you focus your mind on becomes your reality but I have not been living like I believe this.

So I’m choosing to be mindful of my thoughts and what I say. I’m going to make an effort to not complain (as much) but also not be such an optimistic Pollyanna that I drive everyone crazy singing “The Sun’ll come out Tomorrow” every time something bad happens. I think just being aware of my thoughts and trying to flip the negative ones to a more positive light will help. Prime example- my job. I’m guilty of it. I see it all over social media. People complaining about their jobs and how much they hate them. According to a Gallup pole, 70% of Americans hate their job. Think about that- if you are doing something for 40+ hours a week that you hate, that is going to creep into the rest of your life and it leads to an unhappy existence.

When I was little, my mom would always chastise me when I used the word “hate”. I remember her telling me hate is not a nice word, you don’t hate anything you just don’t like it. I didn’t realize at the time that she was giving me my first lesson on mindset. No matter how much you dislike your job, there’s something positive you can find about it. Your job keeps you from being homeless or hungry, maybe the benefits are really good, maybe you love the carpet in your office. It doesn’t really matter how insignificant the positive thing is, if you focus on that instead of “I hate my job” it can make your work more tolerable until your circumstances change. Here’s my list of what I like about my job:

  1. Co-worker
  2. I get Fridays off
  3. Affordable Health Insurance
  4. Retirement Contributions
  5. My paycheck – to pay bills, to pay for vacations, to pay for school clothes
  6. Paid to network

What six things do you like about your job? Can you come up with a list of 10??

Originally posted 7/26/18

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