July Goals

I posted my July Goals over on Instagram yesterday. They may not seem like very “lofty” goals or an eclectic jumbo of weird goals so some explanation is in order. 🙂 (or at the very least it gives me an excuse to FINALLY add a new blog post!)

1. Take both animals to the vet

yorkie sleeping, yorkshire terrier, puppy, sunshine, cuteRight now we have two fur babies, a 5 year old yorkie and a 2 year old inside/outside cat. They both seem healthy but they both need their annual shots and flea medicine. One thing we learned real quick moving South, flea season is year round! Up North, you get a reprieve from the critters during the winter (which is half the year). Down here, it doesn’t really get cold enough to kill off the fleas so you MUST have some sort of flea control on the animals or it will drive you and them crazy!


2. Pay July and August rent this month

This might seem like a weird one, but I’m so excited to make it happen! We pay rent out of my paychecks since I get paid bi-weekly. With how my pay dates fall for July-August-September, if we pay both months of rent in July then in August we will not have to pay any rent!! I know it’s purely semantics, but it’s a little mind trick that makes me happy 🙂 We are already half way done with this goal- July rent is paid and August rent will be paid on the 27th.

3. Get current on all household bills

Household Bill Paying History- I’ve almost always handled all the household bills- deciding what gets paid when and what we can put off paying to cover some emergency or last minute shopping spree (just being honest!) BUT I never tell my husband no. If he wants to buy something or do something, I always made the finances work so he could have what he wanted. He works hard for us and honestly doesn’t ask for a lot, so I felt like I was doing the right thing.

I’ve been sick of shuffling money around- the whole “robbing Peter to pay Paul” scenario and not getting anywhere with our finances. So for the last six months, I’ve been concentrating on paying bills off and getting current on bills. Up to this point, we managed when to pay a bill according to the shut off notice or if it would hit a 30 day late mark and get reported to our credit. We always operated on the concept of taking spending money, fun money and food money out of our paychecks first and then use whatever was left over to pay the bills that HAD to be paid that week. I know, not at all fiscally responsible!!

household bills, budget, moneyI switched over to paying all the bills I could from a paycheck and then we used what was left over for food, gas and fun money. Husband didn’t like this as apparently he needs $200 to $300 a week in his wallet to feel like our food, gas and fun money are covered (and I’ve found this is kindof a standard feeling with alot of male significant others). Me personally, I think we should be covered with only $100. Yes that’s a very tight budget, but we want to buy a house and you need to make sacrifices, right?? Needless to say, these two differing viewpoints caused SO MUCH STRESS. I hated that every week I felt like I was being interrogated on why there was no money left and he felt deprived, which he cured by borrowing money which in turn cancelled out what I was trying to do with paying things off!!!

I finally had enough and split the bills in half- I gave husband a list of bills he was responsible for. He could pay them whenever he wanted and pay however much he wanted on those bills. I had my list and I would do the same. That was about four months ago and it has been so stress free for me every paycheck- I have a plan of what and how much I’m paying and I’ve been paying things off!!  I love that feeling of seeing the zero balance or knowing that a bill will be paid off in a few weeks. Well, you probably already know what happened with this experiment. Each week I had to remind husband that certain things had to be paid (hello, I like having electricity!) and I knew he was only paying the bare minimums and letting some things go. Finally last week I got sick of the umpteenth bill notice saying you have to pay us or else and told him we had to do something different. So we’re back to me paying all the bills but we haven’t discussed allowances or anything like that. So after that LONG back story, you know why some of our household bills aren’t current. I did the budget last night and I should have everything current by July 20th. I’m so glad it’s not worse than that, I was really dreading looking at all the numbers!

4. Spend less than $25 a week on work lunches

Honestly, this has been one of my splurges. I work my ‘regular’ job four days a week, so I haven’t felt too bad about eating out for lunch. And it’s much easier for me to eat out because 90% of my lunch hours are spent running errands or taking husband or daughter places. It wasn’t too much of an issue when I was keeping my meals out under $5 but lately all the girls in the office have been going out together for lunch and those lunches are $10 a pop! I want to be more conscious of my spending and I think I would rather have a new purse at the end of the month instead of eating out all the time- because do the math, this is $100 a month!

5. Work business every day – intentionally

virtual assistant, laptop, agenda, planner, calendar, flowersI haven’t been working as hard on my VA business as I could. I haven’t felt like working on it- I haven’t been making it a priority. I LOVE having the extra money that it brings in and I LOVE the work I do. But I slacked- I got disorganized, I have a million ideas I want to work on and I rekindled my love affair with Netflix. #brutalhonesty  So with everything in a jumbled mess, I haven’t quite known where to start to get back in my groove.

Over my five day holiday weekend, I went through ALL my piles of paperwork, research and to do lists. I cleaned out my email boxes. I labeled storage containers. I filled up two garbage bags. I served eviction notices to my husband and daughter to reclaim my office (they turned it into the XBox cave). I cleaned out a lot of the chaos that was overwhelming just to look at. This week I’m getting back to treating my work as a business not a hobby- I’m intentionally doing something every day for my biz. This weekend I’m going to concentrate on setting up some systems to streamline what I do and next week I plan to have a daily to do list that is actually completed every day.


So what goals are you working on this month? (yes, trying to survive summer vacation with my kids is a goal!)

What magic tricks do you use for fleas and getting husbands to work with you on the budget? <—— I did that! I put flea control and working with your hubbie in the same question. I’m easily amused 🙂 🙂

Originally posted 7/10/18

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