My quickie ah-ha moment

I consider myself to be a decent writer. Nothing extraordinary but I can communicate pretty clearly through my writing. But, I’m one of those writers that has to edit and re-read what they’ve written at least ten times before it comes out coherent. This means writing is not something I can do quickly. I have to sit down, concentrate and really pay attention to what I’m doing. That is not the easiest thing to do when you have a mile long to do list, work, family and house to take care of. I’m writing this as an explanation of why there’s been such a lag between posts. I’ve been working on my next blog post for two months. TWO MONTHS! It’s a good topic that I like to talk about (working on your goals) yet I have not been able to complete it.

I’ve been thinking about why it’s been so hard to finish this post and came up with some theories. One reason is I believe I’m overthinking it. I’m trying to craft this perfect piece of prose that will ‘speak’ to my reader. I keep questioning whether I’m being too detailed or too vague; if people are going to want to read more about this goal or that goal; if I have enough good content to hook someone into liking my blog. Another thing is I haven’t decided yet on a set focus for my blog. Yes, it will be about me trying to make my life better but it’s not an all finance, all mommy or all weight loss blog. This is tripping me up because if I have a main focus, I can stay on task and talk just about that. If you leave my options open ended that’s where I run into trouble. I can easily come up with ten different angles or viewpoints on one topic. That’s just too chaotic for anyone to follow!

Yesterday I decided “screw it”. I abandoned my blog post (for now) and started a new one. I got half of it written in 30 minutes- what a huge difference! So now my focus is going to be to just do something. Everything I post on my blog doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to serve a grand purpose other than inspiring me and you at this moment. And this is where I had my ah-ha moment. JUST DO SOMETHING needs to be my focus- in life and on this blog. I don’t need to follow an elaborate master plan to the letter in order to get something accomplished. I just need to do something, anything that moves me forward. It’s ok if it’s not perfect, if it’s not beautiful, if everyone doesn’t like it. I have to stop using the need to be perfect as an excuse to procrastinate. The important thing is to just move forward and to keep moving forward, one small movement at a time.

This is our journey for turning our daily chaotic lives into peace- a life we can really enjoy. I say we not only meaning my family but also You! The best thing about a road trip is who comes along with you. And I expect this trip to be full of hills, valleys and hairpin turns. Thanks for dropping by and be sure to sign up for my newsletter here for updates!

Originally posted 4/13/17

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